Welcome, I am Bruce, founder and owner of Bruce Bart Tattooing in Fort Lauderdale FL. since 1993.  I have tattooed in the US and abroad for over 36 years. In this span of time I’ve seen the rise and fall of “trendy” tattooing styles, studied the visual vocabularies of ancient foreign cultures and their techniques.When I began tattooing, it was understood and practiced by only a few. Today the Tattoo business has emerged into a major world industry.The principle remains the same as always but what has evolved is the development of more creative tattoo work; new and better pigments…..  and concepts of hygiene and ethics.I select our Tattoo Artists for their highly developed sensitivity to the souls and minds of our clients as well as their artistic skills and integrity. The results are often stunning, imaginative, and original art that unites the person with his or her dreams, his or her aesthetic and inner poetry. These are tattoos that will be worn for a lifetime.I can proudly say that thousands of people from all over the world have been tattooed in our studios. My son Damien is a Director of the Fort Lauderdale shop… as well as “tattoo artist extraordinaire” and offers permanent cosmetic make up.Bella Valentino is our lovely and experienced Studio Manager who will make sure your visit is a pleasant one.Discover what our Tattoo Artists can do for you.Thank You

Bruce Bart

Bruce recommends this read to everyone! Below is a description as well as a link to purchase! Thank you and Enjoy!

Sacred tattoos, called sak yant in Thailand, have been around Southeast Asia for centuries and afford protection from accident, misfortune, and crime. Young women get tattooed with love charms in order to attract better partners, while adolescent men use the protective power of their yants in fights with rival youth gangs. For most though, the tattoos serve as reminders to follow a moral code-endorsing positive behavior. Sacred Skin, the first English language book on sak yant, by photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat and writer Tom Vater serves as an introduction to Thailand’s spirit tattoos, and the men and women who make them come alive on their skin. Sacred Skin has garnered more than 30 reviews, including three pages in TIME Magazine, on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and many tattoo blogs. As Andrew Marshall says in TIME:
“With its stunning photos and exuberant writing, Sacred Skin will further popularize a centuries-old tradition.”

You can Purchase this amazing book at Amazon.com…Click here!