Chuck Wagener

I come from an extremely talented family of artists. I remember fondly painting and drawing with my Grandmother throughout my early years, working with metals and ceramics with my father and Grandfather, even sculpting with my family and learning the arts of plaster and lost wax casting.

Over the years I have focused my own abilities into the realms of fine art, printmaking, illustration, graphic design, and, for more than 15 years I have been applying my skills and whimsical styles of art into ‘fine art illustration’ to create unique and unmistakable tattooing.

I am West Coast born and raised bringing with me my own style and vision to any and all forms of art, especially the eternal art of tattoo.

I have been well and fully trained in every aspect of tattoo from traditional American, to portraiture, from fantasy color bomb new school, to heavy aggressive mechanical design and application in your tattooing.

In addition to my skills in tattoo and design, I will very likely keep you talking and laughing with me during your entire visit, from concept to completed tattoo.

I’d love to spend some time with you and together we can realize and create the perfect work of art for you to wear.