By: Damien Bart
Hometown: Woodstock, NY
Years Tattooing: Since 1989
Shop: Bruce Bart Tattooing

Bruce Bart Tattooing is proud to officially announce the offering of Permanent Cosmetic Makeup.

Damien has been a custom world class tattoo artist for 25 years, with 22 years experience in Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. Using only the finest organic pigments, Damien color matches to your specific skin and hair color.

He is an expert in eyebrow shaping, precise line work of the lips and eyes, making your makeup look as natural and perfect as if you applied it yourself.

Imagine waking up every day with perfect eyebrows, a thicker looking lash line and beautifully colored lips. Never having to re–apply throughout the day or spend excess of your hard earned money to replace those empty or expired expensive cosmetics.